If your lucky enough to be getting married in kent, london or Sussex our rentable service is avaliable to you, if you are further a field and your wanting to rent then please get in touch for a quote as we are based in Kent.


                            To secure your wedding date you must act fast!

                                         We only take £25.00 to secure this!


Our items include....

Large Mirror Table Plan £110.00 with frame inserts  £125.00 with full vinyl


Log slices  We have 12 beautiful 12.5" log slices for cetre peices & display's. £5.00 each slice.


 Free standing Wedding Arrow Signs & icludes personalisation of the top plaque and after use this is yours to keep.  This is £99.99 and includes set up and a choice of 8 arrows.

For personalised arrows ther are £15.00 each as an additional cost. 


Giant Pallet Hearts (plain)These can be used for many different purposes, as they are and to be used as decrative props and photo displays, they are £35 for 1, £50 for 2, £65 for 3 &  £80 for 4. These can be natural, white wash or white. 


Small pallet hearts  for decoration, or centrepieces. £10.00 for 1, £15.00 for 2,  +£5.00 per additional heart.


Pallet heart table plan either white or natural and 6-8 frames in white/gold/silver £45.00

other colours/frame amounts upon request. 

Pallet heart stand £15.00


Best day ever printed Heart £40.00


Thank you Sign/photo prop £10.00


Mr & Mrs joining Heart sign/photo prop £15.00


To the Bar Sign £20.00


Easel £15.00


The beginning of our next chapter sign £25.00


Cards and gifts sign £10.00


Card box £25.00


Wedding square wooden bunting £25.00


Rustic Postbox £25.00


Rustic Ladder £30.00


Flower walls £250.00 each 


White Hydrangea/cream & Pink Hydrangea/ white rose & leaf


Hedge wall £250.00 with lazer cut initials £275.00


Quote white back drop on copper rail £175.00 with greenary £200.00


Plain white drape tule backdrop £175.00 with greenary £200.00


All items can be dressed with any of our greenary/flowers/accesories/glass jars/fairy lights .


                                                         Delivery/collection charges

                All deliveries to The Old Kent Barn & The Night Yard are FREE! 

 The rest of Kent Orders under £50 is £25.00  SUSSEX Orders under £50.00 is £40.00

               Orders between £50- £100 is £20.00                Orders between £50-£100 is £35.00

              Orders between £100 - £200 is £15.00              Orders between £100-£200 is 25.00

                      Orders over £200 are FREE                                     Orders over £200  £15.00


                                                      A DELIVERY QUOTE TO YOUR AREA**


NEW PACKAGE DEAL ALERT! Pay £500.00 and hire anything you want from us, if we have it available on your wedding date then you can have as much as you like from us, no limits! Plus we will personalise one item for you to keep. AMAZING.

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