Our Aim


Our aim is to help decorate and personalise your chosen Wedding Venue, Create Personalised Gifts and bespoke pieces for your home or garden. We give free consultations and will try our best to come and visit you in your home to make things as easy as we can  for you. We can tailor any of our products to your needs and specification, and no project is to small or big.  



Im & Er

Stephanie & Karl are 'Im & Er'.

That's right Im & Er is a real couple, working together to create wooden masterpieces! We both poses what the other doesn't in terms of skills so it work's perfectly, and without one the other couldn't succeed in this game. We both have other trades and previous experience within fields such as online marketing, carpentry, design and retail so we came to the discovery that if you merge this all together you have a pretty strong platform for this industry. We both have the same outlook and dreams so why not pursue them together.

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